Guido Pigni is an artist and printmaker based in Milan. His work includes painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.
For over 25 years Guido has exhibited widely throughout Italy and abroad and his work is held in many private collections internationally.

1986-89 Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan
1992-93 Accademia Raffaello, Urbino (Printmaking)

2018 “My Generation” Gate 44 Milan (solo)
2016 “Import-Export” Galleria Arte su Carte, Modena (solo)
2015 Biennale d’Incisione Premio Acqui
2014 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, Sydney, Finalist
2013 Galleria Valeria Bella, Milan (solo); Peso alle Immagini, Bologna, Fano, Urbania (group); Biennale d’Incisione Premio Acqui, Finalist
2012 Peso alle Immagini, Salerno, Napoli (group)
2010 Galleria Arte su Carte, Modena (solo);
Galleria dell’Incisione, Brescia (group)
2009 The 4th Wall Gallery, Dallas TX (group)
2008 Galleria dell’Incisione, Brescia (solo)
2006 Galleria dell’Incisione, Brescia (group)
2005 Galleria dell’Incisione, Brescia (group)
2004 Galleria dell’Incisione, Brescia (group);
Biennale d’Arte Postumia, MAM Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, Mantova
2001 Galleria dell’Incisione, Brescia (solo)
2000 Laboratorio d’Arte Grafica di Modena (solo)
1999 Spazio Feltrinelli, Milano (solo)
1998 Galleria dell’Incisione, Brescia (solo)
1997 Openspace, Milano (group)
1993 Galleria dell’Incisione, Brescia (group)
1990 Biennale Giovani dell’Europa e del Mediterraneo, Marsiglia



As a printmaker Guido Pigni has experimented with etching for more than 25 years and has produced more than 100 plates to date.
Besides printing and editioning his own plates, over the years he has collaborated with the most notable master printers in Italy, mainly with Roberto Gatti of Laboratorio d’Arte Grafica in Modena and, recently, with Monia Pavone (Giorgio Upiglio’s main printer for many years) of Gate 44 in Milan.
In 2010 Guido Pigni founded PigPrints, an online gallery and printmaking studio based in Milan, with the aim to create a sense of community by working closely with visual artists of all kinds to produce high quality, limited edition etchings. Since its inception PigPrints’ goal has been to offer original art from both emerging and established artists at an affordable price.
During these years PigPrints has promoted and printed etching editions for many artists including Franco Matticchio, Oreste Zevola, Andrea Chiesi, Denis Riva and many more.